2023-2024 Fantasy Football Playoff Rules


We'll be using the same format as in years past. You pick seven players each week - one quarterback, one running back, one wide receiver, one tight end, one kicker, one defense, & one flex player. There will be no salary cap, but each player can only be used one time during the course of the playoffs.
Rosters must be submitted before kickoff of the first game of the weekend.





Additional Information

Defenses are not penalized for touchdowns given up by their team's offense (ie. Cleveland's Defense returns an CJ Stroud interception for a touchdown, Houston's D does not lose sixty points for that touchdown).
If you end up without a defense due to poor planning, you will get the lesser of zero points or 100 points less than the lowest scoring defense that plays.

A player may be selected only one time.

No roster submissions are allowed after the first game of the round kicks off. Period. (And I am sorry in advance for this)

Entry Fee

Entry fee to participate is $30. Of this $30, $5 goes to each weeks payout (4 weeks = $20) and $10 goes to the playoff champion payout.
Payments can be sent via paypal or venmo